Feather of an Owl

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DILEMMA – Raindrops – New video by Feather of an Owl

Video Art: Feather of an Owl

DILEMMA Website: https://www.thedilemmaband.gr


“Raindrops” is a song taken from the 5th DILEMMA album titled “Persona Graffiti”, released by Ankh Productions (November 2017).

“Raindrops” music by DILEMMA,

lyrics by Sotiris (Sean)Tragas. Sotiris (Sean)Tragas:vocals, tenor sax

Poppy Dalachani: acoustic/electric guitars, effects

Marios Strofalis :piano

Panagiotis Bourazanis: electric bass

Ioanna Vasiliki Koraki, Marily Kitsiona, Elena Fornaro & Maria Kampani: backing vocals

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Mythos (Athens, Greece) by Thanasis Gikas,

produced by DILEMMA